Sell More Online Using Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is an advertising strategy we have found effective in targeting the right prospects for some clients.

What is remarketing?

On average, only 2% of shoppers convert on their first website visit. Remarketing targets the remaining 98% of visitors who came to a site, but did not make a purchase – yet! A remarketing campaign will keep track of visitors who have not converted, and display related banner ads as they visit other sites in the Google network.

This allows you to stay engaged with target audiences who are already familiar with and have shown interest in your brand. This increases their brand awareness, reinforces your messaging and speaks to the shopper who may still be in the process of making that final buying decision.

Remarketing DescribedA few tips:

1. Target your banner ads to the specific product or service originally viewed on your site. For example, if your company specializes in language courses, and a shopper visits the page about Spanish, the ads shown to them as they browse the web should be for Spanish language courses.

2. Be sure your remarketing creative has a clear call-to-action and/or promotional offer – in other words, a reason to click.

3. Set the timing of the ads to fit the shopper and purchase. Someone looking for a product they will use right away should be remarketed to immediately; people shopping for higher-end items which call for longer decision-making cycles should be targeted later.

4. Mix up the calls-to-action to offer a variety of reasons for a viewer to come back. For example, “Come back to our site for this Special Offer”, and “Have a sales representative contact you to answer questions.”

5. Use images in your remarketing ads. A visitor to your site is familiar with your logo, brand, products, etc. Reinforcing your message and brand will be relevant to the viewer since they will recognize your company already.


We have several clients who are currently running remarketing campaigns. One of them has a very specific niche audience, so a remarketing campaign felt like a perfect fit. We could send specific messages directly to their audience without wasting budget speaking to those who may not be interested in their product. The client only pays when the ad is clicked – which is usually a strong lead.

For the first year of their campaign, the cost per click was ~$4 for over 1,100 click-thrus. Additionally the campaign yielded over 900,000 impressions at no cost to the client. Considering the entire potential audience for this client is only a few thousand, this was a big win for them and great exposure for their brand.

To find out more about remarketing or discuss if this is a good fit for your company’s marketing efforts, please contact us!