New brand positioning increases brand awareness and sales

CLIENT:  Milestone leases and rents transportation equipment to a wide range of industries throughout North America. With a portfolio of over 100,000 semi-trailers, chassis and domestic shipping containers, Milestone is one of the largest equipment leasing companies in the nation. The company is guided by a unique set of core principles referred to as “The Milestone Way” which promotes a high-performance culture to deliver exceptional solutions, outstanding service and rewarding careers.

CHALLENGE: Despite their size, the Milestone name was not well known in the industry. The lack of awareness was a byproduct of the growth through a series of mergers and acquisitions that resulted in several name changes. Brand recognition was also hampered because there was not consensus among the leaders of the merged businesses on how to market the company as a single integrated solutions provider vs. continuing to market each segment separately.

CS Creative was engaged to reposition the brand, communicate the value of Milestone’s broad product offering, and increase awareness of their flexible services and solutions with a consistent look and message to all markets.

SOLUTION: After an extensive brand positioning exercise, we gained consensus on a positioning statement, elevator speech, business descriptor and tagline. To take advantage of their most visible form of advertising, our team redesigned Milestone’s trailer graphics to reflect the new identity. Additional brand roll outs included: launch of a new website and customer portal; new print and digital ads; trade show graphics; and a comprehensive social marketing campaign. All of which featured stunning CGI imagery that we created of their equipment.


By every analysis, the campaign exceeded all objectives: lead generation captured from the website into the client’s Dynamics Marketing platform increased significantly; pay per click conversions increased by 78% while cost per clicks decreased 22%; social engagement improved and there was a 50% increase in LinkedIn followers; and within the first 3 months, sales leads contributing to almost $12 million in new business were generated.



“Thank you for your time and flexibility with our projects. Your team does a great job and has raised our marketing to a much higher level – and the time and effort you put in shows in the quality of the work.”  

Milestone Equipment Leasing