Integrated marketing campaign helps client defend its market share from low-cost, inferior-quality competitors.

CLIENT:  American Gilsonite Company is a mining company that is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite®, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin classified as uintaite. Gilsonite® safely and effectively improves the performance of materials used in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas exploration, foundry, asphalt road paving, and inks, paints and stains.


CHALLENGE #1: Increase brand awareness while educating prospects and clients about the many technical benefits of Gilsonite®

CHALLENGE #2: Combat a false narrative from competing companies offering an inferior product deceptively labeled as “gilsonite” in violation of American Gilsonite Company’s trademark. These competitors often operate in foreign countries, making trademark enforcement difficult.

SOLUTION: CS Creative worked to consistently communicate the benefits only achievable from the world’s only source of true Gilsonite®. We backed up our messaging with lab results, real-world field trials and case studies. And we differentiated Gilsonite® from competing products by detailing how its chemical and physical characteristics offer superior performance.


Collateral, website design, PPC advertising, trade show graphics, social media, direct marketing, environmental graphics.


“The work your team has been doing is fantastic. The feedback we have received from our client base, and website visitors in general, has been very positive. Appreciate the work your team puts in for us!”  

– American Gilsonite Company