How to Inspire B2B Customer Loyalty

To keep your customers coming back for your products or services, it’s essential to keep them happy, especially from a B2B point of view. For B2B marketers, customer retention is every bit as important as customer acquisition, if not more so, since B2B companies tend to generate the largest portion of their sales revenue from their current customer base. The cost of keeping current customers is much less than acquiring new ones. There’s also the added perk that happy customers will refer you to others, a highly cost-effective form of lead generation. To inspire B2B customer loyalty, it’s important that you foster and nurture that loyalty in an ongoing, directed way.


Provide Excellent Value

The first step in winning customer loyalty as a B2B marketer is simply to provide excellent value. The value you provide can’t be overestimated. If you don’t have a fabulous product or service backed up by top-notch customer support, then further efforts toward customer loyalty won’t mean much. But if you offer your customers amazing value on all levels, then that alone will be a huge part of what keeps them coming back. Pricing is something you need to be careful with, too.You’ll likely have to change your pricing structure from time to time, and it’s essential to present the changes to your customers with open, honest and tactful communication.

Understand Your Customers

To win B2B customer loyalty, you also need to understand your customers. In a B2B context, you’re looking at understanding not only the individuals within the firm but also the dynamics of the organization itself. What do these other businesses that make use of your products and services require from you as a business? Certainly, they’re in the market for your products and services, but what in particular drives them to seek what they need from your business? Get feedback from your customers not only about specific purchases of goods and services but also about delivery, pricing, and customer support − what they like, and what they think you could improve. Loyalty develops when you are receptive and responsive to feedback from your customers.

Be Hands-On and Proactive

A crucial part of developing customer loyalty lies in being hands-on and proactive with your customers when it comes to your products and services. In other words, don’t just be there for purchases. Be there for your customers in a way that speaks to them of how valuable they are to your company. One very basic way to do this is to always keep your channels of communication open. Provide a variety of ways for your customers to communicate with you, such as online forums and social media channels, and be open to dialogue. You could also furnish education programs for your customers, to keep them both engaged and informed about your products and services, as well as your mutual field or industry.

Set Up Loyalty Programs

Many B2B customer loyalty programs involve discounts and point schemes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When it comes to ongoing customer loyalty, though, the most important thing is to build relationships with your customers that will stand the test of time, so they won’t be wooed away by discounts or point scheme programs from your competition. The best loyalty programs are those that implement the kinds of customer loyalty best practices discussed above, which don’t necessarily fall into the confines of a rigid program that focuses on one-size-fits-all methodology. Point schemes and discounts can be part of your loyalty program, but can never serve as a true foundation for lasting loyalty. Building customer loyalty is a long-term, one-on-one investment and endeavor.

Given the ongoing fluctuations in today’s economic climate, winning and maintaining customer loyalty is a challenging prospect, but you will enjoy greater success when you focus on building solid relationships with your customers that encourage their commitment over the long haul. Give them a multitude of reasons to stick with you. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so inspire their loyalty by offering them the very best value you can and the support to back it up.

Photo by Link Humans on Flickr.