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  • Halloween Costume Contest – VOTE NOW!

    Here are the finalists! Vote now for your favorite costumes.  Leave a comment under your favorite contestant’s photo. The winner will receive a goodie bag including a $50 gift card! Beware – scary stuff ahead!           #1 – Cindy and Dan:   Remodeling Addicts Anonymous Members Oh, when will it ever end??           #2 – […]

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  • Cindy on Boss’s Day

    Cindy now has a new “code-word” at the office that means “not now, I’m in focus-mode”. The word is Panda – cuddly, cute but can guard her office door when needed.  Thus the stuffed animal for Boss’s Day.  Maryjane also re-wrote a few oldies to be all about Cindy, and Mark designed a groovy card […]

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