Halloween Costume Contest – VOTE NOW!

Halloween Costume Contest – VOTE NOW!

Here are the finalists! Vote now for your favorite costumes.  Leave a comment under your favorite contestant’s photo. The winner will receive a goodie bag including a $50 gift card! Beware – scary stuff ahead!

web103108cindy-dan4.jpg          web103108_cindynametag.jpg

#1 – Cindy and Dan:   Remodeling Addicts Anonymous Members

Oh, when will it ever end??

web103108joaquin1.jpg          web103108joaquin2.jpg

#2 – Joaquin:  Hillbilly and Girlfriend


web103108tanya2.jpg          web103108tanya1.jpg

#3 – Tanya:   Sarah Palin

“I’m a Maverick, You Betcha!”

web103108_mark2.jpg          web103108_mark5.jpg

#4 – Mark:   Karate Kid

Wax on…Wax off….


#5 – Ryan:   Renaissance Man

Hear ye hear ye, thou have donned a fine outfit good sir!