Tips to Clean Up Your Website

Your website is often the first impression your business gives to potential customers, so you want to put your best foot forward with a clean, user-friendly site. Now is the time to remove the clutter, improve your speed, and get your site in top shape to make a great first impression.

Our tips:

Streamline your homepage

Your homepage should be interesting and inviting while portraying the primary objective of the website. Try looking at your homepage for about five seconds and then look away. What do you remember about the business and products/services provided? Make your message clear and concise with the most pertinent information up front.

Remove broken links

If you have 404 errors, then it’s best that you fix them or even remove them altogether if you can. Use a free tool like Broken Link Check or Link Valet to search your site for broken links.

Freshen it up

Audit your website for any outdated content that should be changed, such as old contact information, locations, or service offerings. Give your old (but still relevant) content a facelift by adding new facts or updated photos.

Share with social media buttons

Make sure you include social media buttons like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ on your website pages to make sharing simple for your visitors (and improve your SEO at the same time). Include only “need to have” social buttons to the networks you actually use. Too many unnecessary social media plug-ins can negatively impact your site’s speed and performance.

Check your speed

Visitors to your website won’t wait around for your pages to load. Check the speed of your connection with the use of Google’s PageSpeed tool. Speed up your site by deleting old pages, inactive plug-ins, and unnecessary widgets. If your site is still running too slowly, you should check with your hosting provider to see what third-party services they offer for simple performance boosts that are easy to turn on from your control panel.

While it’s great to be working on new projects to expand your website’s reach, remember that it is also important to take a look back to see what needs to be cleaned up. Maintain your website regularly for a great first impression and the most user-friendly experience possible for your visitors.