A Healthy Brand From the Ground Up – Part 3

In this series conclusion about developing a brand identity for Texas Instruments’ (TI) medical business unit – TI HealthTech – we look at results following its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January. We reviewed the discovery phase in the first installment of the series, describing our research with key TI stakeholders. In the second post we shared the products that make up the entire brand portfolio, including graphics for different marketing materials and digital components such as banner ads and a website.

Now that the new brand identity is in the public marketplace, our clients at TI have graciously shared some initial results that the new brand has achieved.
Although it’s too early to have solid analytics from the campaign, initial indicators show that online conversions have increased since the branding launch. Based on client feedback, the new brand has exceeded all of its objectives.

Objective 1: Communicate that they are able to meet the needs of new audiences and provide new products.
The introduction of unique, yet clearly related brands showed CES attendees that TI HealthTech now served new markets. “Externally, the media and our customers have commented on how easy the new segment break up and name is and how much sense it makes that we went in this direction,” TI said. “The media were very interested in our business shift to focus more on Health & Fitness.”

Objective 2: Emotionally connect with their customer needs on the first brand encounter.
The mosaics demonstrated how TI HealthTech supports the development of the customer’s products, and eventually helps create happy, healthy end-users.

Objective 3: Educate and equip the internal team and sales reps on how to position the business unit.
The cohesive and polished branding, message map and internal training sessions educated the sales team to better understand and communicate their new direction. This helped empower the team to be brand advocates, and to drive their message to more divisions at prospective companies. “The biggest surprise was in finding out that we received so many positive comments internally,” TI said.

Objective 4: Generate awareness and excitement around the new brand both internally and externally.
The client reported the following feedback:

    • “EVERYONE is pleased with the way it turned out and seeing it live at CES sealed the deal! I had several communications managers and our business teams say, ‘I just noticed the awesome mosaics and how many end equipment devices they had in them — and every one is different!’”


    • “Internally, I’ve received great and positive comments from my counterparts in communications all the way to the top of the organization. I’ve received input that other businesses should consider going through the same process. Everyone likes seeing the segments have their own icons and imagery.”


  • “We get comments regularly on how nice the program turned out, and the response to the new name and graphic has been above expectations.”

Health_and_Fitness_zone3-Ret (2)

Our client has also shared how much everyone involved in the process thoroughly enjoyed it. “I most enjoyed seeing the team and process come together in the decision-making phase, selecting the graphics, and seeing their expressions when they were satisfied with the results.”

The unveiling at CES was the icing on the cake, made more memorable by all the positive feedback the team received from visitors and guests.

“HealthTech is by far the best space,” our client said. “It was very obvious what we were all about, and the graphics and new branding elements were solely responsible for that. CES was the perfect platform to unveil such a big program.”

In addition to the success we had at CES, we just got word that the TI HealthTech branding initiative was selected as an American Marketing Association Crystal Awards finalist.

UPDATE: The TI HealthTech initiative went on to win Best of Show at the BMA Houston Lantern Awards, as well as Award of Excellence at the BMA Global B2 Awards. Click here to learn more.

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