Off the Clock: Monica’s trip to the Philippines

This past June, my family and I took a trip to the Philippines where my family is from. We went to Boracay, where we went island hopping, snorkeling, banana boating, parasailing and helmet diving (aka the worst experience of my life). After all of those activities, we were feeling pretty sea sick. From Boracay we went to my grandpa’s island, a small island 2 miles around off the eastern coast of Iloilo. Prior to our trip, we collected school supplies to donate to the elementary school on the island. We also got to visit with my grandma who loved getting to see many of her grandkids enjoying our family’s small stretch of land. From there, we went to Mambukal in Bacolod, the sugar capital of the Philippines. We hiked up 7 waterfalls (but only made it to 3) and went ziplining. Overall the trip was a fun experience to share with the whole family. Hope you have a few laughs at some of our (mis)adventures!