Meet Dan, a Man for All Seasons

Meet Dan, a Man for All Seasons

He builds decks, rehabilitates neglected industrial yards and turns them into blooming gardens, and yep, he manages our business, too!

A lot of things go on in creative agencies like ours. Our days are filled with meetings and conference calls – with each other and with clients, prospects, vendors, and other visitors – punctuated by stretches of comfortable silence while everyone hunkers down at their respective workstations to work on projects and campaigns.

One man, however, works behind the scenes to make sure that our entire operation runs smoothly. He ensures that our bills get paid, we get paid, our technology doesn’t fail us, and of course, our garden is maintained and producing lots of lunch-worthy meals. In other words, Dan makes sure that the company and our garden both stay green year-round.

Meet Dan, our Business Manager and Garden Master!

What’s your official title at CS Creative?

Business Manager.

What exactly does that mean? As in, how do you spend your day?

Includes most non-creative jobs: accounting, billing, IT services, some HR, building and grounds maintenance, …

How did they rope you into that gig?

Met the boss (now wife) when we both were avid dancers.  I started helping Cindy part-time – nights and weekends – and after a few years, she convinced me to leave my cushy government job (TX Dept of Agriculture) and join the CSC team.  I’ve never looked back (except maybe on state holidays).

What’s your favorite part about working at CSC?

Fav part – probably the great atmosphere – we have great employees who get along very well.  And every day is bring your dogs to work day.  Oh, who am I kidding – it’s the free chocolate Cindy brings around every afternoon.

What’s your least favorite part? Be honest – no one will actually read this.

Least fav – broken printers, drop-in solicitors, taxes – not in that order.

I heard you have a Ph.D. in entomology. What’s up with that?

Yes – Ph.D. in entomology from U.C. Berkeley.  I’m a nature guy deep down, even though I sit at a desk most all day.  But on weekends I get out in the garden and get dirt under my nails and in my shoes.  I’m currently at war with a rabbit – I think – in our back lot garden at the office.  Something is eating everything I plant.  But I will win eventually. Stay tuned.