LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a marketing force to be reckoned with. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet and continues to grow with new users being added at an average rate of two per second. When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn boasts the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%. That’s almost 3 times higher than both Facebook and Twitter! The data clearly shows that LinkedIn is a good lead source, but few B2B companies are using the network to its full potential. Tap into the power of LinkedIn with these tips for B2B lead generation:

Update your LinkedIn business page

Just as with other social networks, make sure your page is complete and your information is current. You are actively promoting your business value to potential leads with your business profile, so make the most of it! Include keywords specific to your industry and make use of the free banner feature to create a custom banner image that links back to your website or landing page.

Research customers and prospects

LinkedIn content is rich with information you can use to qualify prospects, better target your audience, and even learn more about your competitors. Use profile pages, status updates, and recommendations to mine for data insights.

Establish yourself as an expert with LinkedIn groups

Join groups related to your industry and consider groups where your target audience are likely to be members. Groups are about networking and connecting, not selling. Instead, build credibility and relationships in the community by answering questions and sharing your experience and knowledge.

Use the LinkedIn Lead Collection Widget

If you use an ad campaign on LinkedIn, try adding this widget on your landing page.  This widget sits at the top of your webpage, enabling visitors to submit their e-mail addresses with just one click. This is also great for capturing info from mobile device visitors without requiring them to type into your website’s contact form.

As with any marketing effort, continue to monitor and track your results using LinkedIn. Tweak your strategy as needed to explore what works best for your business, and don’t be afraid to try out new and creative ideas to make the most of LinkedIn B2B opportunities. What experience have you had with LinkedIn for lead generation? Share with us in the comments!