About Cindy Slayton

Cindy brings over 35 years of experience in advertising and design to the team. Since founding CS Creative in 1989, she has balanced her left-brain and right-brain activities by doing it all – from production, design and copywriting, to management, sales and marketing. As president, Cindy maintains oversight of all CS Creative accounts, working with the account management and creative leads to establish strategy on all projects and to ensure on-target delivery to the client.
Entries By Cindy Slayton
  • Cindy on Boss’s Day

    Cindy now has a new “code-word” at the office that means “not now, I’m in focus-mode”. The word is Panda – cuddly, cute but can guard her office door when needed.  Thus the stuffed animal for Boss’s Day.  Maryjane also re-wrote a few oldies to be all about Cindy, and Mark designed a groovy card […]

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